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There are many ways to find a job: newspaper advertisements, Internet job search websites, and personal recommendations. What do you think is the best way to find a job? Give reasons or examples to support your opinion.

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My opinion essay:

This opinion essay refers to different ways to find a job. Within past ages new opportunities did occur to find a job. Until the 1990s there were 2 ways avalible to find a job. Newspaper advertisements and personal recommendations. When the internet was offered to public after 1990s a third alternative was given. Hence, if you want to find a new job you can choose between 3 options.

At first you could use newspaper advertisements. However, reading newspapers is becoming unpopulare more and more. And because most of them are containing local job offers you won’t find all the jobs you could be interested in. But if you are looking for jobs that require special knowledge you could take a look into newspapers which are focused to special topics, e.g. financial newspapers.

If you want to see the whole bandwith of offerd jobs you should use the internet. That is the benchmark of todays hirering process. It is also the fastest way from a HR department to a potential employee. However, for poor people who cannot effort an computer or even are located in developing countries where Internet is not avalible this option does not work.

Personal recommendations as a way to find a job is a good alternative if no internet can be used or you are even interestet in jobs which are very hart to get in. Because personal recommendations is counting more than a good CV, this way will help you to get in the most attractive positions.

Fazit, choosing the right way to find a job really depents on which type of job or possibilities you have. I always prefer using personal recommendations to find a job. Although I have a very good CV and Internet avalible, I don’t want to miss the additional benefit of trust and relationship between companies and there employees who will recomment me.



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